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Not so much.

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To each his own. I completely agree with you: It makes them happy. Plus, it is not specific to a sexual orientation: To be fair, If you enjoy rimming a sweet, smooth, uber pink butt definitely my top 5 list , then this fetish isnt too far gone! I do love eating ass. Yay, he gets to fart.

I FARTED DURING SEX! - Dirty Questions - RolyUnGashaa

Not my thing. But the REAL question is right above us, what about pink eye? Yes, well, This article was just making me think about how common apes behave.


The separation between the common ape and man should be growing and not shrinking. If you are into farts or scat, please just kill yourself. Save someone the horror of finding out after they start dating you. Please log in to add your comment Need an account?