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I touched his balls and felt his sack in my hand. It was electrifying and I felt myself start to leak. I moved down his happy trail and kissed the tip of his cock. It was salty. His dick was different than mine, while slightly larger the head was a bit smashed almost. I took it in my mouth and used my tongue in a way that girls had done to me.

I found my jaw got tired and it was hard not to get my teeth into it. It was a bit awkward taking it in. After my jar started to get tired I came up for air and kissed him again and he basically played a game of "simon says" on me and licked my nipple and then started to suck my cock. We took turns at this and eventually he told me to "be careful.

However, I snapped out of it, being a bit scared that I'd end up getting some kind of disease or that there was a reason he didn't want me to take his cum.

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So we ended up side by side giving each other hand jobs. I came and he invited me to sleep over.

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I didn't know how I felt about the whole thing so we barely touched that night and I had to work the next day so we both quickly parted. We met again a few times later and eventually I got the nerve to bring condoms and play with his ass, but we never took the next step.

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I'd get married and lose contact before I ever fulfilled that fantasy. It would wait until my divorce to try anything else again. I never stopped thinking about it and what would have happened had he been a bit more assertive or me a bit more daring. I realize this isn't as hot as some other stories and I'm just drunk enough to type it , but unlike those it is all true and not embellished. Let me know if you want to hear what happened with my next experience. Haha, I agree its a good read but OP its a shame if you never got the right kind of guy to satisfy your curiosity.


But even aside from that some stories here seem to be a little embellished. I guess that is bound to happen, I might post a couple stories of my own one day. I'm not that creative so they will be as accurate as possible. I only had a couple meetings with guys before meeting my now husband: Yeah it is hard to wank-bank a story if the characters are so unrealistic. I like the ones that are real or at least realistic. Reminds me of an uncomfortable situation I had back when i was 18 and my anxiety was at its peak. Met some random guy in his car, didnt even know what I wanted at the time though I knew I was gay.

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Could I hell get into any sort of action at all though he sure tried to go straight to my cock. He didnt even offer me the chance to do the same, guess my lack of erection was a turn off haha! Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved.

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Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account. He replied that I should get in his shower and he would join me. So, realizing that this was actually going to happen, I walked upstairs to his shower, undressed, turned the water on and stepped in.

I sort of just stood there Eventually, Will stepped in the shower and was behind me.

Thank God he knew what to do I'm sure he's quite experienced. He started gently rubbing my back and shoulders, massaging them with the body wash. Oddly enough, things felt pretty natural. I've showered with girls before, and this was similar His hands were strong and was actually giving me a good massage unlike girls who typically don't have the hand strength. This went a long way toward putting me at ease, and I even began to twitch down there.

When I turned around, I saw my friend standing in front of me, skin glistening from the water. Putting body wash on my hands, I started rubbing him down. My hands went from his shoulders, down to his pecs, his abs, and then down his legs, grabbing his ass. I pulled his hips close to me, and our slowly growing cocks rubbed against each other. Like jumping into cold water, I sort of just "went for it" and pressed my lips against his, making out with another guy for the first time in my life.

As we explored each other's mouths, I could feel his cock pushing against mine. As his grew, so did mine. I worked my was down, kissing his chest, his stomach, and then taking his penis into my mouth, giving Will a blowjob.

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I was transfixed. I could not believe that I was going down on another guy. More surprising was how much I loved it. I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I wanted to swallow every bit. On the other hand, I really We made our way out of the shower and dried off.