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I just know, based on watching a BYU roommate from Argentina methodically screw his way through a small percentage of the female student population, that things against the rules are done daily. I imagine that LGBT Dating would be pretty dangerous as a student, mostly because of the "brownshirts" that would love to rat you out. You would have to stay way below the radar.

It would be risky to confide in anyone.

(Gay) Mormon Guy: The BYU Honor Code Bans Hugs, Handshakes, and Temple Attendance

I wonder though. What if you simply dated but they had no knowledge or proof of a physical relationship? That's similar to a straight couple. Dating is fine. They get in trouble with the gestapo for going too far physically. Oh, no, I don't intend on anything further than dating--that would definitely be overstepping the honor code XD. It seems like the more I look, the more ex-mormon and closeted people there are at BYU so maybe it's not as rare of a thing?

But how do they find each other, anyways? That's the main thing I'm wondering. If you haven't seen it before, Connell O'Donovan did a lengthy dissertation on gays in the church. It shows the lack of rejection they once had and then the turning of the corner to becoming avid persecutors. I never , ever wanted to go to BYU at all This is my advice: The more you move around from ward to ward, the less the church will bother you.

What I would do is simple: That made it possible for me to attend church like 4 times a year.

Gay and Mormon - Utah's first same-sex marriage

It was great. Old Mill is a great place for people who just pretend to be mormons: Find them online. You can all do whatever you want, no one will know. ASteve Date: July 29, I would recommend you not to go to BYU. You know the church is false and sit in the middle of TBMs drinking the coolaid. Yes they will snitch you out. Hometeacher, visiting teachers and church attendance. My cousin went to BYU and they were a poor married couple and when she and her husband went to tithing settlement the bishop asked them if they could increase their giving.

They made about 24k combined income together. Hiding for 4 years will be hard. There are some nice youtube videos on that sunject I will share them later. Good luck to you and keep posting here. Another video.

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If you do insist on going to BYU, I'll give you my advice. Although I attended a while ago , and I'm not gay, I don't know if it'll be too much help. Move at least once a year. Especially every fall.

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  • This will keep you from getting a big calling. The big callings like RS president are usually given out at the beginning of fall.

    And they go to people who were in the ward the previous year that the bishop already knows. Unless your last name is Mormon royalty. That could also get you a big calling. One of elders quorum presidents there was David Bednars son. Also at the beginning of a new quarter in your new ward, skip church the first couple of Sundays. Pretend you're sick or visiting family.

    Most of the callings are given out those first couple of weeks.

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    And BYU is not as stereotypical super-duper-Mormon as many think. There are definite subcultures there that are easy to find. You'll easily see who are the ultra TBM students and who are the lesser active ones. It was kind of silly but having DVDs of r rated movies was a big indicator of who was who. And that's who you'll naturally start to room with. So there will be apartments where all the roommates are full on TBMs and others where it's pretty obvious they're just attending church until they graduate.

    By my senior year my roommates barely attended church, and one came home every Friday and Saturday night remaking of marijuana. After, at least you're first year there, you'll be able to find a group who share your passion, or lack of passion, in the church. As for dating, I'm sure there's underground gay and lesbian groups there.

    I'm sure you'll be able to find them. As for guys trying to date you, you don't really have to worry about that unless you're really outgoing and bubbly, and preferably blonde and thin. If your more quiet or intellectual, guys will usually leave you alone. Most BYU guys are intimidated by really smart women.

    They want a housewife. Just remember, Mormons care about outside appearance the most. So if you put on a facade of activity in the church that should be enough for them not to arouse suspicion about you. When I was there I did the bare minimum of church activity that I needed to and spent most of my time studying. Bender, I agree with you My Mom went to BYU in 'ish for about one semester or quarter , whatever it was back then. Why risk it? If you get caught, you will not get your degree.

    The stress would be horrible just to save a few dollars. Go to a scho were you will enjoy it. I agree. Going to BYU is a mistake. The reason I replied directly underneath the post that I did is because of all of the stories of students who either lost their ecclesiastical endorsement or were caught in an honor code violation and then were kicked out. Some of them have had trouble with BYU either not allowing their credit to transfer, or not issuing their diploma even if they had already completed requirements for graduation. I'd hate to see them pull a Chad Hardy on her.

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    I agree with othersteve. Tattle tail", watching your every move so they can run to the Bishop or Stake Pres. The commandment " Thou shalt not gossip" doesn't apply to good stodgy Mormons who'd love nothing more than to tattle on you if, God Forbid , they see you loving another woman. Cynicism added on purpose Okay I'm just rattling on. I am sure it is possible you will find a satisfactory dating situation at BYU, but I would think the odds are strongly against it.

    BYU has about 12, female students.

    Brigham Young University LGBT history

    If we figure 2. Those percentages are just guesses. Most of those would be expected to be closeted to some level. Let's guess 75 percent are deep in the closet. Of course if you, or they, have an extra keen sense of gaydar, maybe you can find them or be found. Most likely though, you are stuck on a campus of 26, students with no more than or so potential dating partners.

    If you are like what I consider to be an average person, you will eliminate about 80 percent of those right off the bad for appearance, personality, etc. A like percentage will eliminate you right off the bat. So, lets say you will consider 20 percent of the candidates, or about 30 people.

    And 20 percent of them, or about six, will consider you. The odds of you finding one of those six on BYU's campus is pretty remote. If you want a satisfactory dating situation, go elsewhere. Get out now! Things have changed at BYU since Delbar, a graduate student, arrived in and there were frequent editorials in the school newspaper and bathroom graffiti speaking out against the LGBT community.

    Homosexual behavior is inappropriate and violates the Honor Code. Homosexual behavior includes not only sexual relations between members of the same sex, but all forms of physical intimacy that give expression to homosexual feelings. Clark, a freshman, but attending was also a spiritual decision. It was a similar experience for Dillon Harker, a senior, who fully comprehended he was gay while a student in I want to be here.

    BYU is where I want to be. It oftentimes means staying home while roommates go on dates or watching as they get engaged.