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Date Introduced: January Date Enacted: April Ruling Date: July Date of Appeal: Purpose of Ballot Measure: The entire purpose of this referendum was to assure lawmakers and the public that citizens had had the opportunity to vote on the issue of marriage equality. Date Passed: With the U. Supreme Court victory on June 26, the work of the organization - though not the larger movement - was achieved and MEUSA ceased formal operations, closing in late For inquires please contact lovewins marriageequality.

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Stay Informed Optional email code. Same-sex couples may legally marry. Marriage equality was ratified by both the MD legislature in February , and by popular vote in November Legislation - Pending None.

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Eventually the bill was bounced back to committee on 11 March , not to be reconsidered until The bill was re-introduced on 23 January To secure support from some lawmakers who desired to submit the law to public referendum, the bill was amended not to take effect until 1 January , providing time for a ballot initiative. The bill was passed and Gov. Between the time the governor signed the bill in March and when it was scheduled to take effect in January , the public voted on Referendum Question 6 in November — see Ballot Initiatives Resolved below.

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