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‘Dream Daddy’ is a surprisingly earnest dating simulator where you can date gay dads

Dream Daddy , though, encourages players not to think about romance as a game at all. You can try to impress the music nerd or the academic with knowledge you don't have, but chances are your fakery will fall flat. You might think that the best way to win points with a standoffish dad is through sarcasm; once you learn his backstory, however, you find that what he really wants is kindness. The heartaches and emotional wounds of the men you pursue are not obstacles to be overcome en route to sex, but rather fragments of real humanity that make them even more lovable—and often force you to reexamine your own intentions.

During the resolution of one storyline, you're given an option when comforting one of the dads in a moment of personal crisis: You can tell him what he wants to hear or tell him what he needs to hear. Some of the dads have had relationships with women, some with men, but there's no agonizing about their sexual orientation and no more mention of it than there would be in a traditionally heterosexual romance. Dream Daddy is an unabashedly queer game, but not performatively so; it's far more interested in being than announcing. Some of the dads have had relationships with women before, some with men, but there's no agonizing about their sexual orientation and no more mention of it than there would be in a traditionally heterosexual romance.

They simply follow their hearts, and any obstacles they face are a result of emotional and personal complications, not struggles with their identities. When you create your own character, you also have the option to make him a trans dad if you wish, complete with the ability to choose chest binders. One of the dads, Damien, is transgender as well, though you can easily play through the game without realizing it; there's no neon sign pointing at his gender identity, only subtle hints as you get to know him better.

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator on Steam

Like the rest of the dads, he is who he is—and he is allowed to be, without controversy. The game and the community surrounding the game was so positive and loving that it encouraged them to be themselves. Dream Daddy 's success belies a long-held assumption of the mainstream gaming world: While the industry has taken marginal steps toward inclusion, queer characters still tend to crop up as sidekicks and subplots rather than as protagonists.

But Gray sees something very different in the passionate response from Dream Daddy fans: She points to game franchises like Dragon Age and Mass Effect , both of which have amassed huge followings in part because of the in-depth and gender-inclusive romances they offer in between their battles.

Also, Amanda is in her senior year of high school and will be going off to college soon. Amanda is the main vector by which the story moves forward, and it works surprisingly well. She's the one pushing you to get to know the people in your new neighborhood — spoiler alert: They're all dads — and she's a nice, familiar face that helps ground everything in between all the flirtation.

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In the opening minutes of the game, I was already getting choked up over the pair's conversation about my character's late husband, which is not what I was expecting out of a game called "Dream Daddy. I've also been surprised at how invested I am in her own narrative about troubles in school.

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I haven't delved too deeply into her story yet, but I'm intrigued to see where it goes. I've met all the dads so far, and my current favorite is Craig, a sporty, reformed frat bro who's settling into his new role as a divorced, mature ish dad. He regularly pantomimes a voice for River, the wide-eyed tot strapped to his chest.

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He also works out a lot. I'm not down with his fratty masculinity — he's bound to have "masc4masc" in his Grindr profile, right? That's simply too much.

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