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Take the initiative Most gay men wait for others to take the initiative.

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Everyone wants a handsome guy to walk up and talk to them. Why not practice getting out of your comfort zone? Find a guy you like and start a conversation. To many gay men, the thought of doing this is terrifying, but with practice it will get more comfortable. What to say? Okay, you have spotted someone. What do you say? Two things here: Find something unique about him and comment on it humorously.

This buys you more time to think about something to talk about. Then find a common topic to talk about. Both of you may be surprise surprise from the same alma mater, or army unit, or in the same line of work. If you are looking for your lifetime partner, generally it would be better to delay having sex.

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This is to prevent yourself from sending the wrong message. Remind yourself this: Also, avoid trashing your ex at all costs. Leaving five voice mails after the first date can scare your date away. Do bring your wallet - Even if he was the one who invited you out, you should be prepared to go dutch. And if you guys are trying out a new restaurant, have extra cash in case of surprises. Take your time to get to know each other and let the details of your life and emotions naturally unfold.

This ensures none of you gets overwhelmed prematurely in the relationship. Do dress up - Find out where you guys are going.

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And you might want to skip wearing white — gravy that is splattered on white shirts looks especially conspicuous. Also, your bright pink super small tee shirt which accentuates your tight pecs may be too much for him to take — and are you sure you want to invite that many glares on your first date?

Do keep the first few dates short and sweet - As the old saying goes: However, do be observant and present to the occasion; tune into him and your feelings. Do bring a condom - Although we recommend that you do not jump into bed immediately, always bring condoms because you would not know when you need them. To make sex more pleasurable, bring some water -based lubricants too. If you are caught without them, grab some from a convenience store. Rejection can come in many forms during the stage of dating.

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Or he simply vanished without a trace, or an SMS. Any SMS. If you are rejected, it is natural to be upset, angry and put the blame on yourself.

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The reality is this: He might have his own demons to fight. Or perhaps he thinks that it is not going to work between the both of you, but is not willing to talk about it. The best thing we can do is to face reality and move on. Keep things in perspective by focusing on the many positive aspects of your life. Know that you are worthy and deserving. The fear of rejection cripples us from moving on. It stops us from approaching someone we really like. Confidence is the only cure to rejection. Engage in fun activities and positive thinking. The more confident you are, the more at ease you are with yourself and the better you will be able to cope with most forms of rejection.

One more thing, if you are not at the receiving end of rejection, you may be someone rejecting others. If that is the case, be honest.

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If you are not going to call, admit it. Request to leave the date there and then politely. When you lie to others, their feeling of rejection is compounded. Another interesting facet of rejection is that there are people out there who will try to reject you so they themselves are not rejected. So keep that in mind if someone rejects you. How can you broach the topic to him? For starters, talk to your partner.

Is he ready to make the switch to an exclusive relationship, or is he still interested in casual dating? You also need to be emotionally prepared for the commitment necessary in building and sustaining a relationship. These things take time, energy and effort. You might have to party less, or explain to your friends your need for couple-time and focus on getting your work done within office hours. Let it take its natural course. And do not announce it to friends, family or public domain prematurely.

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Be patient and realistic. Take a time-out. If the situation gets too intense, let your partner know that it might be better if you drop the issue for now. Re-visit it when your heads are cooler. Be assertive and stand up for yourself. Let your partner speak, and listen to what he has to say.

A calm, two-way conversation will allow both of you to get your points across. You and your partner grew up in different families. Be aware and develop your exclusive couple communication style. First, you need to have a good grasp of how your family might react. Take it slow, and seek professional help if you think you need guidance on coming out. Make it clear that you are gay, and that you would like for them to be a part of that aspect of your life.

How do I introduce my gay partner to my family? Including your partner in all aspects of your life sends a powerful message, and may result in greater acceptance of your sexuality from your family.

First, ease your family into it by conducting short trial visits. This could mean bringing your partner home just to say hi. If things go well, you may increase the duration of the visits gradually, then proceed to bringing him along for family dinners or events. If your family reacts badly, however, you need to stand firm and let them know that you will continue seeing your boyfriend, regardless of their objections.

With any luck, your family will get used to his presence in time to come. There are many reasons why people in relationships might get involved with another person. You need to examine your feelings to see if your attraction is purely physical, or if there are emotional attachments involved. If you do decide to have sex with another person, always use a condom to protect your partner and yourself. Sometimes the attraction to another person may be symptomatic of underlying issues in a relationship. Are you trying to punish your partner because of something he did in the past?

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