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  2. With 100,000 Active Users, Gay Dating App BRO Releases Version 2.0?
  3. Bro, a New Dating App, Helps Bros Meet Bros -- and Maybe Hook Up - PAPER.
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It promises to be convenient and secure, with no catfishes, and is very detailed regarding your preferences: Bro, Preppy Bro or Hipster Bro, among others, though creator Scott Kutler has said, "Bro is about men finding a connection with each other beyond the stereotypes people may try to fit them into. As well, I wanted to move beyond the hookup culture that many apps and websites have catered to. It remains to be seen whether this is something that curious straight men will use.

What then of the two issues I raised in my article? Grindr [and others such apps] may better facilitate discreet hook-ups such as these, but I don't think it's caused the emergence.

A New App Is Here for Men Looking to Have Sex With Men — Even If They're Not Gay

I think it's good if we're able to move beyond stereotypes and boundaries. If someone isn't comfortable enough with their sexuality to choose a label, we must respect that. To me, everyone has their own path of self-discovery.


If BRO helps a guy find another man he feels a connection to, then we've succeeded in helping him on his path - wherever it may lead. Perhaps then, if we follow Kutler, the minority are allowing the majority to be judged.

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Or perhaps we should be focusing on the problematic minority? But, Kutler suggests, these would just move to Grindr fairly quickly!

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BRO, at least in concept, and perhaps in application, might then become an example of how gay dating apps could be improved to equal the ethics of their straight counterparts. How difficulty in identifying emotions could be affecting your weight.

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  • Steel Panther. Fist bump jokes aside, it's pretty great that men are gaining avenues to traverse the lines of physical and emotional intimacy at varying levels.

    “We're not a hookup app for sex and brojobs. The other apps just make me sad.”

    Afterall, straight women traverse that shit every day like it was their job; straight women have the divine power to bend their sexuality to their liking without judgment or consequence; they're free to kiss, fuck and date whomever they please without their sexuality being questioned. We're all human, so we're glad to see this type of expression become normalized. Clearly, gay and straight are a continuum, not a binary and BRO does a great job of recognizing that.

    We think society and sexuality always improves whenever men decide to loosen up a little, no matter how many board shorts get fist-bumped at the sports game.

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    • This New App Helps Bros Meet Bros - And Maybe Hook Up.
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    • A New App Is Here for Men Looking to Have Sex With Men — Even If They're Not Gay.
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