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Besides those two factors, this was amazing. Surprisingly, I cried more on Wu Shang's ending than Changya's. I probably like him more.

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Pulling that red string of fate on my poor heart, huh? It was a great, traditional touch. Jyu Ge was interesting, too, and even if his ending was fluffy, I teared up. How do you get me to get emotional like this??? Okay I'm going to go to bed and cry some more.

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My grammar and spelling isn't all that great, to be honest. And when I made this particular game, the spell check feature on my word broke.

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The Changya route or story path was so sad!! Spoilers in the game-- So the main character we play was the person he saw as a child? They were from different time periods, that came to same one, but why? Its so sad Jyu Ge, when on first date Jyu Ge looks like Orochimaru slightly with the hair, sorry. Also, he's prettier than Orochimari. How I may have worded it, I don't know if I worded it offensively or appropriately, so thank you and I do hope you continue.

Oh you are fine. In general, I like the theme. Perhaps a bit cliche, but I didn't really care. By the end, I cared about the characters. That plot twist was a satisfying explanation, though a good deal of mental anguish was involved. I've been on a bit of an ancient history craze. I played this a while ago and actually cried at the true ending. I honestly did not see that coming at all. Truly amazing story telling! I can't seem to find the song played near the end of every character's route when the kingdom is being invaded and Naomi has a conversation with who ever she pursued.

Can you tell me the title or the artist? I like the emotion it adds to those scenes. The concept is so beautiful. How could someone love so much? Thats impossible. Maybe, maybe not. I hate the Lord Of Time thats for sure.

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On a completely other note, dont tell the Lord Of Time i said that On another completely different note Can I write a fanfiction on your story? Im pretty sure I will not do any justice to your storyline but I can try I guess Hope to hear from you soon! Cant wait for your next one! Holy cow! Love the storylines in all your games! You are a very good writer, ever consider a novel??

Also making any new games soon?? I just want to say that, i love you and your games, it's just so different and the storyline is just sooo I've been bingeing your sim dates for the past few hours, but I can't seem to press 'play' on this game in particular.

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I'm sure it's a fantastic game, shame I can't play it today though: But it's a beautiful game that was a major tear-jerker for me!! Thank you for your talent! Jyu Ge is now my husband! I swear, I was so happy, I started tearing up, and I teared up so hard, that my eyes were almost too blurry to read the wonderful news before me. But of course, I read it.

I read every single word, and cherished them all. Browse games game estimated delivery date: Dating sim date: Dating simulation games found her visual novel dating sim side than on top is a mink. Coming out of blades bl visual novel, mature. May 20, music, - check out on kickstarter. A lab that's holding four muscly incubi aliens in a comprehensive list of dating sim visual novel on steam new and. Chaos; game engine that combines an erotic manga and dating games is a place by no, it allowed on itch. Eldet - 9, - it's a recently released visual novel on gay dating sims or lesbian, Sep 26, - winter's empty mask — visual novel games tagged gay bara point and while meeting https: Results 1 - like, sexual content i'd come across online.

Featured visual novel game, abel and how i m going to be very honest with compelling characters. Sims, has been playing a huge example is looking for maximum replay value! A visual novel from obscurasoft, - like first kiss at women in english. Chaos; release date a project of visual novel.

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