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The only sound that was heard was your breathing and the moaning sounds of the mindless creatures. You were scared, only moments ago you woke up in a large metal pod filled with green liquid. And now you were here, walking down the bloody halls, passing rooms that were filled with experiments and scientist dying from they're own little projects. A young boy slept in the large metal tube, curled into a ball. He hugged his kness to his chest, a breathing mask cove.

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Hunter X Male Reader So. This will be on-going for a while. Enjoy Hunter X Male Reader While strolling around the City for awhile, your mind starts to wonder, am I killing brain-dead animals, or things we just kill because we are scared of them?

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The answer: So it's just you and 10,, zombies left. You are 17, technically 18, but the apocalypse doesn't care for your birthday now does it? Anyways, after entering what you thought was an old abandoned apartment was actually crawling with infected, literally. You kill most except one, one hunter who doesn't seem to want to hurt you. So what do you do? You test it.

Aiming at it seems just to scare it. But once you back off, it moves closer. As it gets closer you start to hear a purr, not a growl, but a purr. You t. Takano x Male! When you got there you saw your neighbor starring into a window that gave a view of a room. They seemed to be crying. Maybe she's just crying because-' you stopped your thoughts when you got close to her. She noticed that you where right next to her and she started crying even harder.

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Not soon after Takano and Ritsu came. Your eyes widened. You tried to hold back your tears, but it all just came rushing out. Teacher Yoko x Teacher Male reader Teacher Yoko Littner x Teacher Reader I can't replace love After the events of the beast man war, Yoko Littner a tan-fair skin women with red hair in a high pony-tail that extends down to her lower back and side bangs with two hair strands on the side. Left Kamina city to grow while she found a new home on a small island as a kindergarten teacher.

Though life so far had been tough for her, this amber eyes women soon found her place in the school and met you. A fellow refuge from the pit village of Littner and fellow gun slinger, yourself couldn't believe it when Yoko first came to the school, yet now as teachers you two get along like wood and fire.

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  • What with your memories of Littner the pit village as well as the stories you had to tell each other about your lives after that. Yet you always avoid talking about two things. The death of Kamina her old lover and anything about how you feel about her. These topics you stay away from around Yoko knowing it could only upset her after losing.

    Chapter 1 Soul eater various x M! Reader Yes I know that A lot of people don't read this, But too bad!

    I want to write this, so I will. A, the school you so dreaded seeing. It might take a long while but, you must do what you are told. V Since birth I was told that I was special. I didn't understand what they meant.

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    It wasn't until I discovered my bending that I knew I was unique. I was on a ship to the Earth Kingdom to be sold to the Earth Queen as a weapon. My electrical bending made me a very wanted person to be either a weapon to fight for them or an unknown that needed to be destroyed. The ship was suddenly attacked.

    I could tell if all the pounding was anything to go by. I heard a pair of footsteps running down the hall "Hey! They were two burly men dressed in casual clothes. View More. Riza Hawkeye: I don't know anything about her series. She's from Fullmetal Alchemist. Also, normal AU where she's just a normal officer. Also, I'm sorry it's so short ;-; About you: You are Riza's boyfriend. She's also really seductive in this. Do you know what you did wrong? Step out of the car.